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Kabul Demonstration

This Blog page will be the online journal for the delegation. You can see our diary of posts in the right hand column.

Voices for Creative Non- Violence UK are taking a delegation to Kabul in December 2012. We will be working with the Afghan Peace Volunteers (APV) as well as gathering information to make various campaigning materials including: a counter militarist book aimed at UK youth, podcasts with interviews and testimonies from Afghan, a short documentary, first hand information about the impact of UK drone bombing as well as live blogs from Kabul.

This is the first UK peace delegation since the 2001 invasion. The four delegates are all women and as a group span five decades in ages, they include: Susan Clarkson, Mary Dobbing, Maya Evans and Beth Tichborne. The overarching campaign will have a specific focus on women in Afghanistan.


2 responses to “Online Journal

  1. Ifuwantruthleavethiscomment

    DON’t call it Afghan.. There are no Pashton and if there is one it is only for show off.. Hazra playing the victim role in the eyes of some missionary.. Bring all Afghans then call it APV now it is HPV .. All looks hazra in the pics.. Orgnisation like this are problem for Afghans and we don’t need learn peace from some western hippies !!! Simply leave us and our country., take ur terrorist army n ur missionary from afg nor we need ur support..

    • Thank I just read your very old message. For your information I’m not Christian, there ARE many Pashtoons, Uzbeks and Tajiks in the group (as many as Hazara), my role is to support Afghan peace making, NOT tell them how it’s done. I totally agree with YOU, foreigners SHOULD leave Afghansitan. I am friends with Afghans both inside and outside of Afghanistan, I don’t want to rule or control people, I’m NOT spreading Christianity, just hopefully, peace. Many thanks, VCNC UK

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