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kites not drones

Afghans say Fly Kites Not Drones


Activist ar RAF Waddington yesterday



Fly Kites NOT Drones 21-23 March

Thank you all who took part in the massively successful weekend of action- the biggest simultaneous anti drone action with an Afghan focus.

We’re working on a round up of events, this is as far as we’ve got, more actions being added everyday.

The Afghan Peace Volunteers flew kites in solidarity, see their short and fun video:

For the promotional short video of the campaign see:  http://youtu.be/k8hlqfDGoAI

Contact: kitesnotdrones@gmail.com

this morning

Maya at Kabul airport with the APV

Maya Evans returns safely from Afghanistan after a 3 month stay in Kabul

Read her latest blog: Mother Mariam and Habib



Read about Ewa Jasiewicz visit to Kabul

See her blogs
ewa jasiewicz and maya

New Internationalist Blog;

SEE the APV send a message of solidarity to Barton Moss anti fracking campaign:

Peace Delegation Returns from Afghanistan


Janey Moffatt and Beth Tichborne returned safely from Afghanistan having spent 2 weeks in Kabul as part of the 3rd UK peace delegation to the country.

Latest Posts: http://vcnvuk.wordpress.com/2013/12/20/internal-refugees-motherhood-and-illegal-land-grabs-in-afghanistan/


Delegation projects include:

janeysmallAfghanistan: A Difficult Birth
A short documentary looking at the pregnant women in Afghanistan who are set to give birth in the “new Afghanistan” of 2014; looking at the conditions of pregnant women where 1/11 die in child birth.
The documentary will be released on the 8th March 2014 and VCNV speakers will be available to talk about the project and tell the stories of women they met and interviewed.

See a 2 minute short about the documentary:  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/afghanistan-a-difficult-birth

Follow the project:www.afghanmums.tumblr.com

Stories from the Afghan Peace Volunteers

A booklet explaining the last 33 years of conflict in Afghanistan told via the histories of the Afghan Peace Volunteers written by Beth Tichborne.bethwithapv

Support our projects:

Donate to VCNV UK  The Co-operative Bank  Account: 65583025 Sort: 089299

VCNV Delegates are available to speak with groups and organizations in 2014, we are taking bookings now.

Contact: vcnvuk@gmail.com

Voices for Creative Non-Violence UK work in solidarity with non-violent Afghan peacemakers; namely the Afghan Peace Volunteers (APV), some of whom are shown below. Our activities include taking peace delegations to Afghanistan to gather testimonies and analysis from grassroots Afghan peace activists; then to convert that information into campaigning materials in the US/UK e.g. speaking tours, pamphlets, books, podcasts and documentaries.

APV conference picture

We want to support non-violent Afghans in voicing their wishes for their country and do what we can in our own countries to strengthen the peace movement and pressurise our Governments to end their involvement in a war which has lasted over 11 years; is fuelling violent radicalism in Afghanistan as well as the UK; and moreover continuing a stream of violence in a country which has experienced bloodshed since 1979.

VCNVUK was inspired by the United States organisation Voices for Creative Non Violence, established by Kathy Kelly.

group 2

Front: Maya Evans, Mary Dobbing, Kathy Kelly Back: Susan Clarkson and Martha Hennessy- Kabul 2013